10 Hugely Influential Scientists You’ve Never Heard Of

Scientists have played a pivotal role in society throughout human history. They are the people who help us understand the world that we live in, make important discoveries and help to advance with technology through their inventions and research. Some of the most famous people of all time are scientists, with the likes of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Galileo all household names. Unfortunately though, not every scientist is well known. Despite the huge influence, whether positive or negative, they may have had some of them remain anonymous figures.

James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell worked in a number of different scientific fields throughout his career, concentrating mainly on energy, photography and thermodynamics. His discovery of the electromagnetic spectrum allowed for the development of devices such as the television and radio, while his work on understanding electromagnetic fields provided the basic work for Einstein’s Special Theory of Relatively.

Barbara McClintock

Although she started a career in botany, Barbara McClintock moved into genetics while at university and went on to make a number of vital discoveries. She focused mainly on chromosomes, discovering what many of the individual pairs did and how they could affect different elements of physiology. This, along with her other work, laid the groundwork for much of the modern understanding of genetics.

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