10 Impressive Myths Some People Believe About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are hands down some of the most impressive creatures that ever walked the face of the planet. These monstrosities were massive, meat-eating, death-defying, and vicious, for the most part. One of the most popular dinosaur-based franchises, Jurassic Park, is an incredible watch, but it is also rife with plenty inaccuracies. Myths abound within the world of fiction, and normal people like our wonderful readers sometimes fall into that pit and believe what they are told. To change that, here are 10 impressive myths people somehow believe about dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Coincided with Humans

A common false myth that people believe is that dinosaurs and humans lived during the same time periods. This is, in fact, completely wrong. Dinosaurs died out 62 million years before the first recognized human being ever appeared on the planet.

Master Cloning

It is thought that once we master cloning techniques, the world of Jurassic Park will become a reality. However, the DNA is far too fragile and cannot be saved enough to recreate a new dinosaur from the only remains discovered.

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