10 Incredible Items Found in Abandoned Luggage

If you spend a lot of time traveling across the world, then one of your worse fears is probably leaving something important behind in your luggage. Of course, a lot of major airlines have luggage returns as part of their service for those who pay a fine for leaving behind their bag. That doesn’t mean airline employees won’t have already gone through your stuff, though, so be wary of what you packed. Some people tend to pack incredibly weird items in their baggage. Here are ten incredible items found in abandoned luggage.

40.95-Karat Emerald

After a patron left behind their suitcase, airline employees discovered a completely natural, un-cut 40.95-Karat Emerald. In total, the emerald was worth around $25,000. You can bet that guy wanted it back.

$1 Million Dollars

Most of us have watched those cheesy crime movies where the criminal wanders through an airport with millions of dollars in his briefcase, which subsequently breaks open and he takes off. That nearly happened here. Airline employees in Australia happened across a leather briefcase stuffed with close to $1 million in cash.

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