10 Incredible Sharks That Inhabit The Oceans

Sharks, despite only living and thriving in the great blue oceans of the world, are some of the most terrifying creatures in the known world. That being said, most sharks are actually rather harmless when it comes to mankind. Ever since the original Jaws released, swimming has never been the same. Throughout the world, there are hundreds of species of sharks that are impressive, but these ten stood apart from the rest to be the most incredible in the seas.

Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is one of the single most massive and impressive beasts to ever swim the oceans. They can reach up to 20 feet in length, and some weigh nearly 5,000 pounds. They are the biggest predatory fish ever, and are known to kill humans, but not as often as other sharks.

Cow Shark

The Cow Shark is rather primitive in terms of marine animals, mostly because their skeletons are ancient and rely one extinct setups with very little modern adaptations. They are known for a sixth, and occasionally, a seventh gill slit.

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