10 Incredible X-Rays That You Won’t Believe Are Real

Since the discovery of the effects of the X-ray in 1895, they have gone from being a mere form of entertainment to an incredibly useful medical tool. Today, X-rays are used around the world by doctors to get a detailed look inside the human body so that they can better understand exactly what is wrong with someone.

Although they are often used to assess breaks in bones or look for masses that could indicate disease, they are also just as effective when used to observe foreign objects that have been lodged into a person. While this can be a dangerous situation for the person involved, it can also be hilarious to everyone else, especially if the object is particularly shocking or stuck in a strange place like the ones featured in this list.


Nicholas Holdermann was playing in his house when he tripped and fell, forcing a car key into his eye. The X-ray showed that there was no major damage to the surrounding area but surgery had to be delayed until an ophthalmologist could be brought to the hospital so that the key could be safely removed. The 17-month-old was lucky enough to fully recover just several months later, with no lasting damage caused.


Nail guns cause hundreds of accidents every year and in the wrong hands they can be deadly. However, even when used by a fully trained professional such as Isidro Mejia they can still prove to be incredibly dangerous. According to sources, the builder fell and mistakenly pulled the trigger on the nail gun, firing six nails straight through his skull into his brain and spine. Surgeons were able to remove all of the nails over the course of five days.

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