10 Incredible X-Rays That You Won’t Believe Are Real


Surgery can be a fairly complicated procedure that involves plenty of doctors, nurses and equipment. Although strict protocols are in place to ensure that everything gets back to its rightful place after it has been used, sometimes mistakes are made. One of these mistakes affected 69-year-old Pat Skinner who was left with a pair of surgical scissors in her abdomen for 17 months after an operation. She required another operation to have them removed and this time the surgeons managed to not leave any instruments inside.


The brain is arguably the most important vital organ in the human body and it is very sensitive to any sort of damage, which can cause significant problems. However, there have been several recorded cases whereby people have had exceptionally large objected lodged in their brains and have miraculously able to survive. This was the case with 16-year-old Yasser Lopez who had an arrow fired into his head by mistake when a spear gun was accidentally let off. The spear didn’t kill him, but it did cause some problems with his movement down the left side of his body.

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