10 Incredibly Awkward Talk Show Moments

With talk shows generally being a daily thing, you’re bound to get some pretty weird moments with them. There’s always been cases of some celebrity guests that come on these shows chemically enhanced either by using alcohol or drugs. Sometimes the chemistry is just never right between the host and the guest. Even co-hosts might finally be holding up enough anger to unleash their true feelings on important topics. Whatever the case may be, here are some of the most awkward and uncomfortable moments in talk show history.

Andy Dick

When Ivanka Trump came on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2007, Dick couldn’t keep his hands off her, needing to continue petting her and making her very uncomfortable. He was warned twice, but when it happened a third time, Kimmel called for security and he even helped them drag Dick off set.

Rosie O’Donnell Vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

One of The View’s biggest arguments happened in 2007 between two co-hosts that was sparked by a terrorism news topic. Rosie said she didn’t want to get into it because it would have been “big fat lesbian” against an innocent Christian girl and Elisabeth continued to bark during a weird debate between friends.

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