10 Individuals Responsible For The Worst Genocides In History

There have been a lot of horrific events happening to people throughout history, most of which tend to lead to a lot of death and sadness for everyone involved. Unfortunately, a lot of these massacres and genocides have been led by only one single person, which is usually a dictator, general, or just a horrible leader overall. In all, a lot of innocent, good people were cut down in the prime of their lives for one man or woman’s end goal in government.

Foday Sankoh

Foday Sankoh, the leader of the Sierra Leone rebel group, Revolutionary United Front, is responsible for the slaughter and rape of thousands of girls and women. His soldiers used machetes to remove the hands, feet, lips, and ears of civilians.

Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor was convicted in 2012 in a court in Hague for 11 counts of crimes against humanity for aiding and abetting the rebel groups throughout Sierra Leone. His help led to the slaughter and mass genocide of thousands.

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