10 Ingenious Hunting Methods Used In Nature

Many predators have found strange and clever ways to catch their prey and ensure they get a good meal. Hunting is such an essential skill for a wide range of creatures that it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there have been some truly ingenious methods developed by animals as they attempt to find more food. Not every example involves a predator simply overpowering or catching their prey off guard either, in fact nature has come up with some pretty scary and gruesome ways to hunt.

Mantis Shrimp

There are two main types of mantis shrimp, otherwise known as stomatopods, which are capable of killing other animals quickly and efficiently. The first uses a club like part of their arm while the other has a large spear to pierce through prey, though in both cases the movement of the arm is so fast and powerful that it is capable of breaking through glass.

Fishing Spider

Although it is almost harmless to humans, the fishing spider is deadly to plenty of other creates. It can run and gallop on water or even use some of its legs like a sail to capture wind and travel across a lake or river. What makes them so unique is that they actually eat fish and frogs as part of their diet, diving under the surface of the water to catch their prey. They are even capable of capturing marine life that is five times as heavy as they are.

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