10 Ingenious Hunting Methods Used In Nature

Killer Whale

Killer Whales are some of the most viscous and deadly predators in the water. They are able to hunt in packs and devise clever strategies to bring down their prey, which can include fish, seals and even sharks. One way they have of killing a shark is to try to surround it and then flip it over onto its back, inducing a paralysis-like state in the shark that allows the killer whales to incapacitate it.

Pacific Striped Octopus

Most octopuses are ambush predators who will leap out on their prey and attack them with all eight of their arms at once. However, the pacific striped octopus has a unique method that involved sneaking up on a smaller animal, such as a shrimp, and then tapping it on its behind with one of its arms. This causes the prey to become startled and attempt to get away from whatever touched it, running straight into the octopuses’ waiting tentacles.

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