10 Insane Facts To Ready Yourself During Pregnancy

About half of the population will never become pregnant in their lifetime, and that is mostly because they are males. Pregnancy still plays an important part in the human race, as without it we could not continue the species. As a whole, though, the act of being pregnant is a very weird biological function, and most people probably don’t know anything about it, besides the simple fact that a baby will pop out in nine months. However, scientists have slowly been gathering data to rectify this situation. Here are ten insane facts to prepare yourself for being pregnant.

Toilet Seats

According to some pregnant women, porcelain toilet seats have a tendency to turn purple after they have been sitting on them while pregnant. Scientists believe this comes from pH levels within the expectant mother.


The first bowel movement a baby ever performs is known as Meconium. Doctors test this stool sample in order to test whether or not the mother was on drugs during the pregnancy. It is sometimes used to determine if the mother can keep the child or not.

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