10 Insane Ideas To Colonize The Solar System

There is probably not a single child out there who has not looked up to the sky and wondered about how life could survive on another planet. More specifically, how humanity could move to Mars or Venus and set up an entire civilization that is completely sustainable. No man has ever set foot on another planet, but that could be changing soon enough. There are some scientific ideas on how to colonize the solar system, and here are the ten most insane, yet thrilling ideas.

Cloud Cities On Venus

Venus has a surface temperature of around 900 degrees Fahrenheit, making it completely inhospitable to mankind. The pressure on the ground alone is about 92 times that of our planet, so we cannot settle there. There is a proposition for a colony of air ships, dubbed cloud cities, to float on the planet’s surface.

Paraterraforming Ceres

Ceres, a dwarf planet located within an asteroid belt in between Mars and Jupiter, is a bit bigger than Argentina. Ceres could be a mineral-rich planet, so terraforming the surface to make it hospitable could see big returns.

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