10 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About ‘Home Alone’

Since its release in 1990, ‘Home Alone’ has become a cult classic holiday film for the entire family to enjoy. The film even helped catapult Macaulay Culkin’s young career to the next level. Thanks to its success, ‘Home Alone’ was able to spawn multiple film spin offs, and merchandise that had every 90’s kid begging their parents to buy. There are plenty facts about this popular film that some people may not know about. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about this holiday classic film.

Guinness World Record

The first ‘Home Alone’ film is a Guinness World Record breaker. During its opening weekend, the film made over $17 million. It held the number one spot at the box office for nearly 12 weeks and earned the record for the highest-grossing live-action comedy in the 90’s.

‘The Scream’ Inspiration

The ‘Home Alone’ movie poster is famous for featuring Macaulay Culkin on the front screaming. The movie poster was inspired the Edvard Munch’s famous painting, ‘The Scream’.

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