10 Intriguing Facts You Never Knew About Stalking

Stalking is one of the most creepiest crimes that can happen to anyone, be it a famous or regular person. Only those who have actually experienced the constant horror of being followed, watched and never being left alone know about just how bad the terror that is created by someone following their every move and abusing their privacy is. We’ve gathered the incredibly horrible motives, the weird unknown facts and the horrible ways people actually go around stalking in our list of ten most intriguing facts about stalking below.

Male And Female Juries Perceive Stalking Differently

In 74% of cases involving stalking, women are on the ones being stalked. That’s why it is also not so surprising that women are almost twice as likely to convict stalkers. In a case where a woman was approached and stalked by a men thirty times, only 34% of male jurors decided to label the offender is guilty while more than 74% of women ruled in favor of the offender being charged with stalking.

There Are Five Types Of Stalkers

Most experts identify five types of stalkers – the rejected stalker who starts harassing the other person after getting rejected, the intimacy seeker who deems that the person they are stalking is unaware of their feelings, the incompetent stalker who presents as very socially awkward and never really comes close to their victim, the resentful stalker who feels hatred and resent towards the victim and the predatory stalker who wants to achieve power over the person they are harassing.

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