10 Lies That Tried Justifying World War I

World War 1 was one of the worst global conflicts of human history, besides the following World War 2. Multiple countries came together in bloody clashes on war-torn battle fields. Trench warfare became popular, as did the use of chemical weaponry, such as mustard gas. It was bloody, it was horrific, and the atrocities that were committed ended up banned by the Geneva Convention. In order to continue this war, many governments told their people a variety of lies, most of which were completely false. Here are ten of those lies told to justify the murder of millions of people.

Defense of Democracy

Germany, in an effort to justify their war, told everyone they were fighting to defend the civil values against a militaristic state, which they aimed at the Russian autocracy at during the time.

Treaty Obligation

Britian told their people that they were going to enter the war thanks to a treaty obligation they had made to defend the neutrality of Belgium. The Germans offered guarantees of Belgian integrity, which the British government refused.

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