10 Little Known Shocking Facts About Wolves

Wolves, believe it or not, were once heralded as gods within Norse mythology, and are considered one of the single most important species on the planet alongside human beings. The wolf was one of the first animals to have been domesticated by mankind, which is still a complete mystery to historians and researchers, but we know it happened over 10,000 years ago. Today, these vicious creatures are known for being incredible predators willing to take down a human being if looked at the wrong way. Here are ten little known shocking facts about wolves.

Black Wolves

When most people think about wolves, they think of a snarling black wolf. Believe it or not, black wolves don’t occur naturally. According to a study by the Stanford University, black fur is nothing more than a mutation that occurs in gray wolves who have bred with domesticated dogs.

Hybrid Wolf

The majority of coyotes you see in the wild are actually a mixture of coyotes and wolves that have mixed together. Genetic testing completed within Maine has revealed that out of 100 coyotes, 22 of them came from wolf bloodlines.

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