10 Massive Events That Defined 2015

This past year has been quite a turbulent one with plenty of ups and downs. With ample political turmoil and notable environmental and social issues, the year was marked with significant events that kept the world on the edge of their seats. There were plenty of disturbing events, and not nearly enough saving graces to make us feel good about ourselves. Nonetheless, here is a list of 10 major events that ended up defining the year 2015.

Burnings In Indonesia

Some of the south-eastern Asian countries including Indonesia have been facing the problem of man-made wildfires that have been deliberately created to clear the land in the region for the purpose of plantations. The displacement of animals in the forests due to these malpractices have been aptly symbolized by the image of this orangutan and her baby, collapsing out of exhaustion from escaping the many hurdles being flung their way.

Aylan Kurdi Washing Up On The Shore

The migration crisis is a serious problem that needs to be fixed through global diplomacy, but most governments were inactive when the crisis first broke out. The world needs to be shaken up once in a while in order to get things done, and it is sad that we needed to see a horrifying picture of a three-year-old boy named Aylan Kurdi washing up on the shore of Turkey to unite the world.

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