10 Mind Blowing Facts That Don’t Seem Like They Can Be True

When we explore the world and everything beyond it, we see that the complexity of the grand design manages to blow away any pre-conceived notions we may have about the way things should be. Our universe is filled with paradoxes and acutely fine details, and understanding and appreciating them could be humanity’s greatest accomplishment. Here is a list of 10 facts that seem like they can’t be true, but as they say, truth can be stranger than fiction.

Juming Through Earth

If you drilled a hole that actually penetrated through the centre of the earth’s core and went to the other side, and you actually jumped through that hole, it would take you 42 minutes to fall through the other side. Make sure you carry your camera. There will be plenty of time to take pictures.

Out Of Time

When the dinosaurs walked the earth, they only had 23 hours each day. That means that the extinction hit them just a tad bit sooner. This happens because of the forces between the earth and the moon. Every day gets 1.4 milliseconds longer every 100 years because the earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down. People working 20 million years from now are really going to hate Mondays!

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