10 Most Outlandish Con Artists Of All Time

Despite the fact that conmen operate completely outside of the law, taking money and possessions from innocent people, they have remained elusive and admired figures by much of the public. Their sheer daring and ability to be unnerved by the crimes they are committing in addition to the bravery of their brazen approach, gives them a strange quality that people can’t help but appreciate. This regard is taken even further when you consider the best and most outlandish con artists who have operated throughout history, those who have risked going further than anyone else and actually managed to get away with it too.

Frank Abagnale

The vast majority of people probably know the name Frank Abagnale from the hit movie “Catch Me If You Can” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The story was based on the real life tales of Frank Abagnale though, and he did many of the things in the movie along with a host of others. This really did include posing as a doctor, lawyer, airline pilot and ATM guard. While he did eventually get caught and have to go jail, he only served a few years before his release to work for the FBI to help catch other fraudsters.

George C. Parker

George Parker was an American con man who was able to earn millions of dollars by duping tourists into believing that they could buy famous New York landmarks from him. Despite not owning any of the land or structures, he would sell things such as the Brooklyn Bridge to gullible members of the public. He was eventually caught when victims attempted to put up toll booths on the bridge that they thought they now owned.

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