10 Most Unbelievable Stories Involving Shark Attacks

Sharks are one of the most deadliest creatures in the water, and easily the most popular underwater species out there. Movies and other venues of entertainment have depicted the dangerous creatures in a variety of ways. Jaws and Deep Blue Sea were sea thrillers that generated into box office jackpots. Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is one of the highest-rated weeks annually for the network. There have also been some incredible real-life stories about sharks. Here were some of the best that we found.

Man Becomes Shark Advocate After Attack

Krishna Thompson was dragged into the ocean when a shark sunk his teeth into his leg. He was able to get his leg out after smacking the shark, but the leg had to be amputated. Nearly a decade after the incident, Thompson became an advocate to save the species.

Camera Saves Man’s Life

While Russell Easton was shooting sharks with his camera, one shark tried to figure out what was going on and stuck their teeth right into the camera. Easton proceeded to push the camera into the shark’s mouth and swam away for safety.

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