10 Movie Posters That Were Banned

Creating a great movie poster requires quite some skill and balance. You don’t want to give away too much about the story of the movie, but you do want to raise the curiosity levels in the minds of the audience. Most movie posters play into the trap of being too revealing with the plot, and some of them rely too much on the shock value to gain traction. When film makers venture too much into the ploy of using shock value, that is when the posters usually tend to get banned. Here is a list of 10 movie posters that were banned, and the reasons behind the ban as well.


You do not get any points for guessing why this movie poster was banned. No, it wasn’t for the position of the spinal chord!


This ‘Wanted’ poster was banned in the UK because it supposedly glamorized gun violence a bit too much. If you think bending bullets counts as glamorizing guns, you are probably right.

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