10 Movies That Were Ruined Thanks To Last Minute Changes

Creating a successful movie is no easy task. It requires a dedicated cast and crew, brilliant leading actors, a stellar script and a director who can get the best out of everyone involved. No wonder then that the vast majority of films fail to live up to expectations and are instead simply consigned to the trash. Because they are so hard to get right but also inherently expensive, movie studios will often interfere in productions if they think changes can be made to make it more successful. After all, they want to protect their investment. This meddling can often have the opposite effect though, where instead of improving a piece of work they actually end up ruining it with last minute changes.

Aliens 3

Aliens 3 enjoyed a torturous production, with studio executives constantly forcing changes against the wishes of director David Fincher. The situation became so bad that eventually Fincher quit the project and completely disowned it after arguments of the script and budget. This allowed the producers to carry out their changes at the last minute, creating a film that disappointed fans and critics alike.

Dawn of the Dead

Originally, Dawn of the Dead was to conclude with the group of protagonists realizing that they couldn’t win against the zombie onslaught and come to the understanding that suicide was the only way to save themselves. With the scene ready to be filmed, studio executives decided that this was a bit too depressing and changed the ending so that the characters fought through the mindless enemies and escaped into a helicopter.

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