10 Mysteries Of Human Behavior That Science Fails To Explain

Humans behave in a multitude of ways, and each expression we show has a different meaning. Whether we’re feeling shy because someone we have feelings for is talking to us, or we’re being superstitious because we just walked under a ladder, broke a mirror or seen a black cat, these pieces of human behavior are quite puzzling. Have you ever stopped to think about why you feel these ways? Why we express ourselves in certain ways, and these ways are often visible to everyone else? Well, read on to find out about ten mysteries surrounding human behavior that science has yet to explain.


There is absolutely no scientific reason as to why we are superstitious, there’s no evidence that suggests that one event leads to another or that a black cat walking across your way is bad luck.


It’s been said that dreaming helps us to process and consolidate emotions without the rush of stress hormones, it also helps our memory and helps us with problem-solving.

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