10 Obscene And Bizarre Stomach Tattoos

Body art is a highly respected form of individualistic expression. Getting a tattoo is a commitment in its own right, a commitment to a certain sentiment or memory that you hold dear in your heart. You are willing to carry it proudly for the rest of your life and cherish everything the tattoo represents. A lot of people use tattoos for this exact purpose, but there are plenty of folks out there who are willing to degrade their body by using tattoos just as a joke. Here is a list of 10 truly strange and bizarre stomach tattoos that people have actually gotten.

Big Bad Wolf

It seems this guy wanted to make use of his bellybutton somehow, and decided to get a tattoo of a women in a rather obscene position.

Frowning Buddha

Does this person actually respect Buddhism and all that the Buddha represents, or is he simply using his belly button as an excuse to get this tattoo?

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