10 Odd Movies Based On Terrifying Urban Legends

Everyone enjoys a good story, especially a horror story, which an urban legend tends to fall into that category. For centuries, myths and legends have been passed down amongst friends and family, leading everyone to believe they could be completely true. Hollywood, taking influence from wherever they can, have used many of these urban legends to create terrifying movies that both shock and awe the viewers. Here are ten films based off creepy urban legends. Just avoid spending too much time in front of mirrors in the dark, everyone!


Originating from incidents in Fairfax County, Virginia, The Bunnyman was said to be a crazed individual who wore a bunny suit as he chopped people up with an axe. The movie is definitely low-budget, but it is also highly entertaining.

Dead Man on Campus

Dead Man on Campus, a comedy film from the nineties, is based off a popular, albeit ridiculous urban legend that was passed around college campuses. The legend claims anyone involved would pass all of their classes. It was quite dumb, honestly.

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