10 Odd Prehistoric Animals Still Alive Today

Millions of years ago there were tens of millions of creatures, or perhaps even more, and the great majority of them were positively terrifying. These creatures, big or small, would eat whatever they could get their hands on. Millions of years later, to today’s date, some of these creatures are still living, and are even thriving in their current environments. These prehistoric creatures, despite all of the evolution, human expansion, hunting, and more, continue to survive. Here are ten unbelievable prehistoric animals alive today.

Tadpole Shrimp

Tadpole Shrimp are freshwater crustaceans that resemble a tiny horseshoe crab. They are considered to be living fossils because of their morphology, which has changed very little in the past 70 million years.


Lamprey are a jawless fish known for having a funnel-like mouth lined with razor-sharp teeth. These terrible beasts bore their way into flesh, sucking the blood from victims. The oldest lamprey fossil discovered was found in South Africa from 360 million years ago.

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