10 Of Strangest Things About Japan’s Sex Culture

The Japanese are often thought to be sexually repressed because of the statistics saying they’re one of the lowest birthrate countries and the ever-high number of people who are choosing a single lifestyle over a romantic partnership. However, the sex industry in Japan is huge and blooming, and right now it’s actually one of the biggest industries in the world. Japanese also have their own twists when it comes to how they perceive and consummate sex, so we’ve gathered the ten strangest things you never knew about Japan’s sex culture.

Vibrator Bars

Tokyo is the home city of a bar called The Vibe Bar Wild One that’s a place where for a small price you can see, touch and feel hundreds of vibrators that are displayed on the walls of the bar. It is a place where you can basically masturbate freely, with or without your partner. The entrance is forbidden to single men.

Orgasm Wars

Japan TV features maybe the most hilarious piece of television ever. It is a segment where a gay man attempts to make a straight porn star ejaculate every episode. One of the ABC producers commented on the show saying: “Their games are all about saving face. When you don’t do good, you’ve harmed your family—you don’t look good in your family’s eyes.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a sex show, you either win or you don’t go home.

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