10 Of The Absolute Worst Sign Fails You’ll Ever See

Have you ever been walking down the street, saw a sign outside a store and had to do a double take when you realized the sign didn’t make a whole lot of sense? Perhaps it was a situation where the sign wasn’t meant to be funny but it turned out the way it was written made it very funny indeed. There are more of these instances that you’re probably aware of in the world. These signs are almost everywhere as long as you look hard enough. Check out 10 of the absolute worst sign fails you’ll ever see and let us know which one is your favorite.

It Would Be a Fragrant Fire

We wonder whether the people laying this box out have never seen firewood? Maybe they just really want to see watermelon burn.

That Seems Redundant

If someone is leaving through that door, we don’t think they’ll have a huge problem being asked to … leave.

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