10 Of The Best Places To Go Star Gazing

There are many ways life in the city disconnects us from nature. We tend to live in an environment that is unnaturally polluted, and we are very unaware of the beautiful world that actually grows beyond the boundaries of modern civilization. We are also unaware of the splendor of the night sky and we only get to witness a fraction of the cosmos due to the blinding city lights. Thankfully there are many places around the world that are yet to be corrupted by the side effects of development, allowing a path for those who seek a connection with nature. This list includes 10 of the best places to visit if you love the night sky and you want to practice some star gazing.

Stewart Island, New Zealand

The local folk in New Zealand called Stewart Island ‘Rakiura’. This word literally translates to ‘Glowing skies’, a fairly apt description of the region. The lack of civilization in the region, coupled with the location of the island offers tourists a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the northern lights in all its glory.

Cherry Springs State Park, USA

The Cherry Springs Park is an amazing destination on the east cost of America for those who want to witness a clear night sky. Fans of astronomy can witness over 10,000 stars here and the Milky way is so clearly seen that it even casts a shadow.

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