10 Of The Biggest Hoaxes Throughout Time

We see random hoaxes occurring all the time, with numerous celebrities have fallen ill and died in their comfort of their home or suffered a horrific car crash, only to be revealed the next day that they are completely fine and doing wonderful. At the time, these hoaxes tend to shock the world into near silence, as everyone takes some time to grieve or share the story. In reality, it was all false and nothing went wrong anywhere. Obviously those are minor cases of hoaxes, though. Here are the ten biggest hoaxes throughout time.

Howard Hughes Autobiography

During the 1920s, renowned industrialiast Howard Hughest managed to become the richest man in the entire world. Mental illness, however, made him a recluse. By the 1950s, no one from the public had seen or heard from him. It is said that he wrote an autobiography about this time period, but it was all false.

Idaho’s Name

The state of Idaho has a kind of boring name, but apparently it was all a hoax at one point. George Willing, an industrialist from the 1860s, offered the name Idaho, claiming it was Native american for “the sun comes from the mountains.” In reality, it means nothing.

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