10 Of The Coolest Employee Perks At Tech Companies

A happy employee is said to be worth a lot more to a company, as they are more likely to provide efficient, quality work on a regular basis. These days, tech companies tend to be the largest, most profitable businesses in the entire world, so it makes sense these companies would want to keep their employees as happy as possible. A lot of companies have adapted and have begun to offer a few amenities and perks to their workers, ensuring everyone is relaxed and efficiently working correctly. Here are ten of the coolest employee perks at tech companies.

On-Site Chefs

Feeding the body and mind is said to help maintain mental stamina. Tech companies have begun hiring on-site chefs to cook for employees, allowing them to eat well while working. Google have entire restaurants for their employees.

Paying Off Student Loans

A lot of college graduates within the US are suffering from crippling student loan debt. The weight of such debt tends to make former students feel like they cannot escape. Some tech companies are willing to repay student loans for their employees. CommonBond is known to assist long-term employees with their student loans.

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