10 Of The Coolest Fictional Friendships To Ever Exist

We all have at least one friend or a group of friends that we can truly rely on. These friends are instilled with a lot of trust because we tend to tell them some of our deepest, darkest secrets and vice versa. Every now and then, there’s a group friends from TV, film or books that we can relate to. These fictional groups of friends help us realize how and why friendship truly is important. Here’s a list of some fictional friendships that let’s us know its cool to have a trustworthy crew.

Veda and Thomas J

Veda and Thomas J were complete opposites, but they did indeed have a true, genuine friendship. Your heart most likely broke into pieces after watching Veda have an emotional break down at Thomas J’s funeral in My Girl.

Veronica and Wallace

Veronica and Wallace were a dynamic duo on Veronica Mars. The two would work together to effortlessly solve the crazy crimes in their small Neptune town.

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