10 Of The Coolest Juxtaposed Photos Ever

There are now several photography effects nowadays — Photoshop effects, vintage effects, film effects and juxtaposed effects are just some of the cool photos shared on the internet today. Juxtaposed photos show effects of images or objects superimposed on top of the real-world location to create a cool effect. A lot of creative-minded individuals use various things to achieve the effects: including the use of old photos, film stock photos, souvenir items, or paper cut outs. Here are 10 of the coolest juxtaposed photos that are worth sharing. Enjoy!

Pyramids of Giza

A traveler and photographer named Michael Hughes has created a photo series that employs optical illusions through common souvenirs. This one is a Pyramids of Giza pen holder souvenir

Taxi in Times Square

Michael Hughes inserts cheap souvenirs into his photos, giving a unique break to touristy shots. He calls his photo series ‘Souvenirs’. This one is a NY taxi model in Times Square, New York.

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