10 Of The Coolest Plants On The Planet

Plants are rather wonderful if you stop and truly think about what they do for the planet and everyone that encompasses it. Plants are abundant, they are beautiful, and they can be medicinally helpful when it comes to healing various ailments in the human body. Trees, for example, can grow to some truly impressive heights, all the while they help feed the planet with oxygen that we require to strive and survive. Here are ten of the coolest plants on the entire planet.

Aloe Plant

Aloes are great little plants that require very little maintenance from people. They are great to look at whether they bloom or not, but it is their healing property that makes them so cool. The semi-sticky fluid that is emitted from within the plant can heal burns, so if you’ve ever got sunburn, you know which plant to turn to.


The Amorphophallus, sometimes referred to as the Misshapen Penis Plant, is a tad bit ugly, but rather useful. The flower comes in multiple colors, and functions as the perfect insect trap. Despite being useful, it smells of rotting fish.

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