10 Of The Craziest eBay Auctions Of All Time

People often claim that there are some things in this world that money just cannot buy, and while that is okay for most people, there are a few insanely rich individuals out there who have no problem dropping tens of thousands of dollars on the most useless, bizarre items being sold across the internet. Thanks to the power of eBay, absolutely anyone can sell almost anything they want in this world and make some quick cash off of it. Here are ten of the most epic eBay auctions of all time, and you’ll be pretty shocked at what people have managed to sell.

Lotus Esprit Turbo Sports Car

Renowned radio DJ Tim Shaw discovered his he had scorned his wife in one of the worst possible ways. In June of 2005, the annoyed ex-Mrs Shaw decided to throw his black Lotus Esprit Turbo sports car on eBay for just fifty pence. It was worth tens of thousands.

Captain Kirk’s Charitable Kidney Stone

Captain Kirk, who is portrayed by the highly talented and lovable William Shatner, went through some serious pain in 2005 after it was discovered he had a kidney stone that surgeons could only remove. The kidney stone was then sold on eBay for an impressive $75,000.

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