10 Of The Craziest Sea Creatures You’ll Ever See

The world’s oceans are loaded to the very brink with weird and scary sea creatures that most people have never heard of. Your science textbooks go over some species, such as various squids or whales – these are considered pretty standard fare in terms of aquatic beasts. However, some creatures take on odd, peculiar forms when they are subjected to nothing but the darkness of the deepest depths of the ocean for their entire lives. Evolution has a funny way of changing the body and mind of a beast. Here are ten out of this world sea creatures you’ve never seen.

Benthic Ctenophores

Benthic Ctenophores, or “comb jellies,” are transparent invertebrates that use their cilia to swim throughout the water. They crawl around the floor with their mouth down looking for something to feast on.

Hooded Nudibranchs

The Hooded Nudibranchs is known as a “lion” of the ocean. They are most similar to the Venus flytraps, but are sea slugs. Their mouths flare into a net, complete with toothy tentacles.

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