10 Of The Deadliest Sea Creatures In The World

Swimming in the ocean is probably one of the greatest feelings and experiences many people can fully realize in their lifetime. Unfortunately for all of those unsuspecting vacationers, there are creatures living just underneath the surface that are fully capable of taking your life and then some. These sea monsters have some of the most toxic venom in all of existence, are known for attacking swimming children, surfers and even boats, and have caused more than a couple of deaths all on their own. Here are ten of the deadliest sea creatures in the entire world.

Reef Stonefish

The Reef Stonefish is known as the most venomous creature in the entire world. Its dorsal fin is lined with 12 spikes, with each one containing two venom sacs with enough bite to kill a grown man. They tend to lay on top of rocks or at the very bottom of the seabed.

Box Jellyfish

The Box Jellyfish is another of the most poisonous aquatic creatures known to the world. A single sting by one of these will kill a human. Thankfully, they are mostly only found near the coasts of Australia. Still, these monstrosities have 60 tentacles in total, some of which can reach up to 15 feet in length, making them rather terrifying.

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