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10 Of The Funniest Perfectly Timed Photos

There are times in our life when the perfect picture is taken because it is taken at just the right moment. These pictures are taken at just the right time and just the right angle that they tend to look as crazy as one could ever hope. The pictures sometimes look like there is some sort of mutant creature in them. Other times, it looks as the though a person has three legs or three arms. No matter what the picture ends up being, it’s always hilarious. Check out our list of 10 of the most hilarious photos taken at just the right time and just the right angle and let us know what you think.

The Not Dirty-Dirty Picture

No the blonde on the left is not being unladylike. Look closer and you can see the trick that’s involved in this photo.

At Least She Went With A Smile

If this girl was actually being struck by that bolt of lightning, this wouldn’t be nearly as funny a picture. Because it’s just the right angle and right time, it’s actually quite awesome.

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