10 Of The Greatest Women-Centric Shows On Television

The golden era of television has brought with it many radical changes in the medium. The content now is obviously a lot more reliable and engaging, and caters to a wider range of audience. Even the evolution of characters is pretty evident for those who have always been ardent fans of the idiot box, with more shows fearlessly portraying flawed characters in order to instill some reality into the events. We have even seen the emergence of strong female characters in the medium, a feature that was severely lacking until now. There are plenty of shows out there who have now given the helm to amazing female actresses and allowed plots to be driven by female characters. This is a welcome change and is sign of the evolution in the medium, and the world. Here is a list of 10 of the best television shows that are women-centric.

Orange Is The New Black

This prison-based comedy/drama took the world by storm and has not disappointed since it first started three years ago. The bulk of the characters in this show are strong and varied women characters who will do what needs to be done to survive their time in prison.


Carmilla is a web series that is based on a novella by Sheridan Le Fanu. The series was created in Canada and follows the chronicles of an enthusiastic journalism student who is investigating the disappearance of her room mate. The show is funny, gripping, dark and mysterious, making it a great watch for all types of audiences.

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