10 Of The Hottest Celebrities In Superhero Movies And TV Shows

There’s something about a woman who can hold her own while the world just might be coming to an end. The celebs in this list are some of the hottest actresses on the face of the planet and thanks to their appearances in a superhero movie or television show they usually wore skintight clothing and showed off their acting skills as well as their incredibly hot bodies. Some of these girls have been criminally underrated while you could have guessed at others without opening the article. Check out 10 of the absolute hottest celebs In superhero movies and TV shows and tell us if you think we missed anyone.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence gets naked in the new Xmen films. Ok, now that you’ve regained consciousness, keep in mind you can’t really tell because she’s got blue bumpy skin all over her body as the natural form of the mutant mystique. Still, she gets naked and that’s awful cool.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s looks are often referred to as a force of nature. This is why it made sense when the super hot actress was cast as Storm in the original X-Men films.

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