10 Of The Hottest Singers From The 80’s

Back in the 80s, many stars that are famous today were just jumpstarting their careers. Many of these singers were notoriously known for not only their vocal skills, but also their looks and fashion. Before the world of silicone and full-faced makeup took over society, these singers from the 80s were your everyday girl next-door beauties. Thanks to these beautiful women for paving the way, many stars in the entertainment industry are able to shine and showcase their talents. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest singers from the 80s era.

LaToya Jackson

Latoya Jackson is the fifth child of the famous Jackson clan. She released her debut album in 1980. Latoya shocked the world when she decided to pose for Playboy a few years later in order to separate herself from her family.

Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde became an instant pop sensation after releasing her single, ‘Kids in America’. The song was very popular and has been remade numerous times.

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