10 Of The Hottest Women In Zombie Movies

There’s little doubt that people are watching zombie movies in order to see the living dead walk the earth and create chaos. Gore and scares are the main things people go see these movies for but there is always an added bonus when there’s some eye candy on the screen as well. Some people even love to see these women actually serve as the main heroes of their story. Sometimes these hotties get away, other times they are one of the first victims, but no matter why they are on screen, we love to see them scream and fight zombies.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone might be best known for playing Spider-Man’s girlfriend these days, but she really burst onto the scene thanks to her turn in the horror-comedy zombie flick known as Zombieland.

Milla Jovovich

Jovavich, of course, plays Alice in what has become the rather long running series based on a long running video game series, Resident Evil. These zombies don’t lurch after people, they run and we love watching Jovovich run.

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