10 Of The Most Amazing Man-Made Islands In The World

No creature on our planet has the power or capabilities to influence our planet’s landscape like human beings. We not just affect each other, but also the myriad of plants and animals that share our ecosystem in a big way. Our latest venture in disrupting our natural topography involves building artificial islands all over the world. These islands are custom-made to suit our needs and no longer dawn the familiar shape of an average island. Here is a list of 10 stunning man-made islands from around the world.

The THUMS Island

The THUMS island can be seen in the San Pedro Bay area and were built along the coast of Long Beach, California during 1965. The essential purpose of this island was to dig into the East Wilmington Oil fields and used tall concrete structures to conceal the massive rigs and preserve the aesthetic appeal of the island.

Tokyo’s Disneyland

This island looks less like a children’s theme park and more like a lair of a Disney villain. This renowned Disney park was also the first Disneyland to be built outside the US. This massive island is over 30 years old now and features five hotels and four airports within a short distance from the island.

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