10 Of The Most Amazing People With Disabilities

The individuals discussed in this article are those heroic and courageous people who have achieved a lot of fame and success in their lives despite of all the obstacles they encountered by being physically handicapped. These brave people have astonished the world with their amazing will, strength, determination and courage. They have overcome all the hindrances they faced and never allowed their disabilities come in their path of fame. With their determination, these amazing people have made a difference in the lives of many people around the world.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is considered as one of the world’s most beloved singers. He is a songwriter, singer and musician who was born blind. Wonder has recorded over 30 top ten U.S hits including his singles I Just Called to Say I Love You, Sir Duke and Superstition.

John Nash

John Nash suffered from a brain disorder called paranoid schizophrenia. However, the disease never affected his love for mathematics. Nash’s work on partial differential equations and geometry is still considered as exceptional.

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