10 Of The Most Beautiful And Isolated Houses In The World

Life seems to be moving in the seventh gear in the 21st century, and we hardly find any time to catch a breath. With an environment that resembles a savage modern jungle, it is important to get away from the madness and find peace and solitude. Centering yourself and getting to focus on your life can only be achieved by getting away from the stressful environment around us. Luckily, our world is not yet devoid of places that are capable of offering us this level of solitude. This list features 10 of the most beautiful and isolated places in the world. Some of these places are even open to tourists!

Mountains And Silence

The village of Munnar in the Indian state of Kerala is known for providing many isolated locations such as this beautiful house in this picture.

Rice Fields In Vietnam

This beautiful location is found in the rural district of Vietnam. The lonely hut is owned by farmers who work in the rice fields in Mu Cang Cahi.

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