10 Of The Most Beautiful CEO’s In The World

We’ve all heard that brains and beauty are a deadly combination. That is especially true when you are talking about women who have managed to make themselves some of the most successful businesswomen in the world. The fact that these women are also incredibly desirable is really just a bonus. There is no proof that their good looks actually have anything to do with how well they have done when it comes to building their companies. All the same, it can’t hurt that these ladies have managed to build an empire and have killer looks as well. Check out our list of 10 of the most beautiful CEO’s in the world and let us know which one you admire most and which one you desire most.

Sophia Amoruso

While this young CEO looks like she could be a model, she’s actually the head of Nasty Gal, a firm that was named among the fastest growing in the world by Inc. Magazine back in 2012. Her success story is almost as impressive as her looks, considering she spent a good portion of her youth searching for food in back alley dumpsters.

Claire Chambers

Claire Chambers is the CEO of Journelle Lingerie. That means this super sexy exec not only runs a company that deals in sexy underwear, but we’d really like to see her model some of her best sellers.

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