10 Of The Most Bizarre Museums That Actually Exist

Although museums have a reputation for being stuffy old places that children are dragged along too in order to learn, they have modernized in the last decade to make use of new technology. This has allowed museums around the world to create interactive displays and shows that teach visitors about the wonders of the universe, from how stars are born to what the prehistoric world of dinosaurs actually looked like.

However, not every museum has such a bold premise. Some have been created to inform people about rather strange aspects of the world or in order to celebrate the life of an odd individual. These museums don’t spend millions of dollars and don’t have expansive facilities but they do have a huge dedication to their subject matter, even if it is a little bit crazy.

The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum

Located in La Crosse, Kansas, this museum is dedicated entirely to barbed wire. The facility aims to teach people about the many different types of barbed wire and explain the influence the material has had on the history of the United Sates thanks to its use on the prairie. The Kasans Barbed Wire Museum has been running continually since 1970 and now displays more than 2,000 different samples.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

This award-winning museum began life as a travelling collection of items from failed relationships that had been donated. Eventually, the organizers were able to secure a permanent building in Zagreb, Croatia, where they now display a series of personal belongings along with descriptions about their importance and how they were involved in a doomed relationship. The museum hopes to encourage discussion of the fragility of human relationships and the factors that can contribute to their downfall.

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