10 Of The Most Brutal Prisons From Across The World

Some prisons around the world are actually quite nice, what with televisions, snacks, work-out rooms, and Foosball tables. Unfortunately, there are even more prisons across the world that highly dangerous for anyone entering them, whether you’re a prisoner or not. Some places will get you killed simply for looking in the wrong direction, while others have become notorious for the large-scale riots that take place regularly. All in all, these are places you don’t want to end up in life.

La Sabaneta, Venezuela

Known as the most brutal prison in all of South America, violence against inmates is a daily occurrence here. Prisoners are at the mercy of disease, very little food and medical care, plus underpaid staff that barely care for the welfare of anyone in their charge.

Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

The Bang Kwang Prison, which is known to locals as the ‘Bangkok Hilton’ is known for housing the craziest of inmates who cannot handle their first month of prison. The most violent, and many foreign prisoners, are put together with death row inmates. The building is overcrowded, understaffed, and has horrible living conditions.

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