10 Of The Most Common Eye Problems In The World

The eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of the human body. Each person is capable of having a distinct color, shape, and features in their eyes, making most eyes quite unique. Unfortunately, the eye is susceptible to having numerous problems, some of which are simply annoying while others can be quite devastating. The eye is a highly sensitive organ, and problems do arise regularly. Aging, strain, or environmental issues are rather common for these issues. Here are ten of the most common, yet most annoying eye problems we can experience.


Shortsightedness is fairly common for most youths and teenagers across the world. They may have clear vision while looking at something up close, but distance causes problems and makes an object appear rather blurry.


Farsightedness, however, is the complete opposite of shortsightedness. Hypermetropia, the official name for it, is when you can see something far away without any issues. but something near to you is almost impossible to recognize.

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