10 Of The Most Common Myths About Sex

There are so many misconceptions and stories being told about couples who are trying to get pregnant, and most of these myths are just plain ridiculous. We truly cannot believe some people actually believe what we’ve pulled together here, but they do. For some odd reason, there are people who still believe a mystical stork delivers a baby in a cloth basket. However, the simple act of making love is what will ensure a child is on the way. Here are ten of the most common myths about conception, and you probably believe a couple of these yourself.

Mountain Dew

It has long been said that drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew will lower the sperm count in a man, more specifically it is thought to be the Yellow 5 food coloring. However, research has revealed this is actually false. Sperm production is untouched by the popular soda.

Two Condoms

There are many men who believe wearing not one, but two condoms at once is even better. Instead, two condoms increase the friction, which could lead to a rupture of both condoms at once. If you need a back-up, just one close by in case the one you’re wearing breaks.

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